Making up the rules as you go along

The second book in Maya Rodale’s Wallflower series, Wallflower Gone Wild, is every bit as delightful as the first. Lady Olivia has always followed the rules, and where has it gotten her? I can relate. The poor girl has done everything expected of her for so long that she has completely lost touch with her own preferences and, dare we say it, desires. Now she’s forced to wed a man everyone supposes is mad and violent. Even such a fate is less severe than having to finish one more season a spinster.

Oh, Phinn has a temper all right. But he’s not mad, just preoccupied. And a little clueless about women and prone to take the advice of a friend who is no Dr. Phil.

Olivia’s escapades as she throws off the rules with a vengeance are fun to read. I can’t wait for the third wallflower to have her turn at love. Thanks, Avon, for allowing me to acquire a review copy of this book.