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Christmas anthology book release and review

Published October 3, 2017 by francesothomas

For a Floridian like me, spending the holiday season in England would be a delight–actual snow, towering trees that aren’t palms, the chance to wear a velvet dress. Since I can’t get there in person, these short stories by some of my favorite historical authors are the next best thing. All of the stories involve a character who is willing to sacrifice his or her own happiness by trying to live up to obligations to family or friends.

Kleypas gives us a dissolute son pretending to change his ways so as not to be disinherited by his dying father. And a heroine who agrees to go along with him to save her brother from drowning in debt.

Heath’s hero tries to do right by the fiancee of his dead brother. That fiancee has other plans, and he must mend fences to get back with the woman he loves.

In Frampton’s book, the hero attempts to pacify his mother, silly though she be. For me, this was the most entertaining of the four stories.

Lorret twists the theme. Her book features a heroine who wants to find a husband for her best friend and is willing to overlook her own attraction to the prospective groom.

There’s not a lot of substance here–the  stories are short, but oh so sweet. And isn’t love the best Christmas present of all?

Here are the blurbs:

Romance stars Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, and Vivienne Lorret prove in this collection of stories that love is the most magical during Christmas…

“I Will” by Lisa Kleypas

To be reinstated into his father’s will, Andrew, Lord Drake, must court a respectable woman-his friend’s spinster sister, Miss Caroline Hargreaves. After he blackmails Caroline into helping him, the charade begins-but is it really a charade once love takes hold of their hearts…?

“Deck the Halls With Love” by Lorraine Heath

Alistair Wakefield, the Marquess of Chetwyn, devastated Lady Meredith Hargreaves when he proposed to another. But when he becomes free to pursue her, it’s too late for she’s on her way to the altar…. As Christmas approaches, Chetwyn vows to lure Lady Meredith back into his arms.

“No Groom at the Inn” by Megan Frampton

James Archer detests his mother’s matchmaking ways. When ordered to attend a Christmastime house party filled with simpering maidens, he produces a fiancée-Lady Sophronia Bettesford. James and Sophronia pretend to be in love for one month. But their pact soon turns into love.

“The Duke’s Christmas Wish” by Vivienne Lorret

To the Duke of Vale, science solves everything-even marriage. When the impulsive Ivy Sutherland makes him question all of his data, he realizes that he’s overlooked a vital component in his search for the perfect match: love.



A Christmas to Remember Anthology by Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, and Vivienne Lorret
Genre Adult; Romance
Publisher Avon Books
Publication Date September 26, 2017
Avon Books
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The Maddening Lord Montwood review

Published July 15, 2015 by francesothomas

We’ve all heard the adage “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” That pretty much sums up the situation of Frances, the heroine in The Maddening Lord Montwood by Vivienne Lorret. She’s rescued from impossibly bad circumstances by an aristocrat who claims to be an old family friend. He is praised far and wide for his goodness and generosity. So why does Lucan, the maddening lord of the title, keep warning her to be cautious?

It seems Lucan has already had one good deed backfire on him at the hands of the deceptively charming Whitelock. Yet he is still determined to save Frances and her hapless father from the deliciously slimy villain.

The plot ventures into implausibility here and there. One wonders how a large dog can stand guard within a house with nobody the wiser, for example. And it does take Frances rather a long time to notice that something peculiar is going on.

There are some appealing secondary characters, however, and all the plot threads are neatly sewn up.

Lorret is a new author for me. I’m glad I found her.