When a Scot Ties the Knot book review

Tessa Dare has become one of my favorite authors. Her latest novel When a Scot Ties the Knot is full of fun. The variations on the name Captain MacKenzie alone made me laugh out loud a time or two.

I am a major scaredy cat when it comes to anything creepy or crawly. I run shrieking when I see such a one. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even like to read about them. For this book, I gladly made an exception. These are the very things Maddie surrounds herself with. She even has a pair of lobsters-lobsters!-as pets.

Romantic couples always complement each other’s personalities. Think “You fulfull me.” Dare describes how this process works in a way I haven’t read before. Maddie also draws all those critters. To complete a likeness, she has to discover where the empty spaces are within and around her subject. She does the same with Logan.

And what a braw hero he is.

Dare won the 2015 RITA for short historical romance. She may have another award winner on her hands with this one. Do you pay attention to awards when you choose what book to read?


Romancing the Duke

I have a few favorite authors, and Tessa Dare is definitely in my top ten. Her latest, Romancing the Duke, maintains her ranking with ease.

The heroine is a rarity in romance, an ugly duckling who doesn’t stretch our credulity by turning into a swan. Her self-described plain face doesn’t matter when the duke of the title is all but blind.

Izzy brings with her an indomitable spirit, a kind heart, and a motley crew of people who like to travel around wearing costumes, sort of Regency Trekkies on horseback. The duke is devastatingly handsome in a shaggy and craggy way. Izzy manages to tidy him up along with his decrepit castle with not a moment to spare.

Oh, how I wish I had Izzy’s imagination, or Tessa’s.

Enunciation isn’t everything

I cannot resist an author whose dialogue and descriptions make me laugh out loud. Tessa Dare is such an author. I was lucky enough to obtain a pre-release copy of her next novel due out May 28, 20

Any Duchess Will Do takes us back to Spindle Cove and introduces an enterprising serving girl, Pauline. She is every bit as spunky and original as the earlier heroines in this series.

Pauline is whisked off to London to undergo a Pygmalian-esque makeover by a Duchess who is desperate for grandchildren. Her son, the Duke, has picked Pauline out of a roomful of possible brides-to-be as the most unlikely prospect.

Pauline, of course, proves irresistible to said Duke, with or without a metamorphosis.


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The rocky road to romance

Regency romance heroes are supposed to be charmers. That is the essential nature of the beast. The hero of Tessa Dare’s A Week to Be Wicked, however, is an exceptional specimen of that ilk. Lord Payne is a master at creating outlandish back stories for his soon-to-be lady as they travel north to Scotland carrying a fossil footprint, of all things. I laughed out loud several times at their antics and banter. Heroine and paleontologist Minerva is  as capable at seeing behind Payne’s facade as she is at seeing the beauty in rocks. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure.