Wrapping up the loose ends



There is a bit of a twist in the premise of The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh by Stephanie Laurens. Many regencies feature a gentleman who is reluctant to wed and produce the requisite heir. Here, the dashing Ryder is the chaser, not the chasee. He has already made up his mind that the heroine Mary is the woman for him.
She is seeking her one true love, aided by the pendant that has helped all of her female relatives. She thinks that to be Ryder’s brother. Circumstances soon prove her wrong and propel her into marriage to Ryder.
In other books that would be the end of that. But these two don’t get to walk off into the sunset just yet. They learn to trust each other and their love as they foil a sinister adversary.
The book concludes with a lengthy epilogue which should be optional for new readers. I’ve read many, if not all, of the previous Cynster novels, but even I was confused at all the names of all of the brothers-sisters-spouses-children-cousins summed up at the end.