HDU book cover


HDU? What an unlikely title for a really funny book. OK, I admit it. I watch Entertainment Tonight on occasion  and read celebrity news I find on Google almost every day. Naturally, I would gravitate to a story where an average girl from the Midwest hooks up with a movie star to help him land the role of a lifetime and to help get herself to New York City. India Lee has an engaging voice and writes as if she’s been to an A-list party or two. If you’d like to escape from your own hum drum life, I heartily recommend you venture into Lee’s world. Watch out for the paparazzi though.

15 minutes of fame is more than enough

I absolutely loved Kate Langdon’s novel Famous. Samantha, the heroine, reminded me of a more sophisticated Bridget Jones. She and her two BFFs spend a lot of time swilling champagne and spouting British slang.

Sam’s one night stand with the wrong man causes a flock of paparazzi to make her life miserable until she escapes to the country in a plan so elaborate it puts D-Day to shame.  Each character she encounters along the way is funnier than the last. But there is something very genuine about them too.

This is chick lit at its best.