One Plus One

One Plus One gets off to a slow start as JoJo Moyes lays out the backstory. I almost gave up, but a friend had recommended this book so I plowed ahead. I’m glad.

Jess, one of the two main characters, has a life so horrible that it hurts to read about it. While working two jobs to support her daughter and step-son, she steadfastly covers for their missing father who is giving no financial or other support.
Her counterpoint Ed, on the other hand, certainly doesn’t gain our sympathy. He’s betrayed his oldest friend and engaged in insider trading.
Their paths cross when she throws her characteristic caution out the window and he uncharacteristically tries to help her. Throw in a teenage boy with a predilection for eyeliner, a girl who is a math genius, and a smelly dog, and a memorable road trip/quest ensues.
Honesty pays.