Lady Claire Is All That review


Lady Claire Is All That  is the third book in Maya Rodale’s Keeping Up with the Cavendishes series. Both titles, while catchy, are rather modern for the time period in which they are set. Come to think of it, the heroines are also too modern for their own good, so I suppose the titles do fit.

This book belongs to eldest sister Claire who is going around the ton boring people to tears because she only wants to talk about mathematics. Lord Fox is as brawny as Claire is brainy. He’s just been jilted and enters into a bet that he can turn Claire into the belle of the season just to show he’s still got it. The more time he spends with her, of course, the more he discovers he likes her just fine as she is, equations and all.

I’m a sucker for heroines who are very smart and heroes who are smart enough to see the beauty beyond their spectacles. Rodale paints a recognizable portrait of a family too. The Cavendishes may squabble among themselves on occasion, but they always have each other’s backs.

Not deep, but lots of fun to read.


What a Wallflower Wants Excerpt

Another wallflower takes center stage in what is bound to be a charming tale


Mini excerpt from What a Wallflower Wants

By Maya Rodale

Miss Prudence Merryweather and Viscount Castleton find themselves stranded at a country inn…with secrets. There is only one thing to do: he asks her to dance.

“Just one dance…that is all,” Castleton said. “I promise I won’t get any ideas.”

Prudence gazed up at him. Too bad she couldn’t explain why she was so hesitant. She was wasting her life, letting this fear hold her back. There was a handsome man before her, who had shown her nothing but kindness, and all he wanted was a dance. The truth was: she yearned in her heart of hearts to dance with him.

“All right,” she said softly.

The last time she placed her hand in another man’s it was the beginning of the end.

They began to dance.

She did not, as she feared, forget the steps. Hours and hours of her life spent practicing them so when this moment came—waltzing in the arms of a handsome man—she could move in time to the music without counting to three and so she could look into smoldering gaze instead of at her feet.

Prue forced her breath to be even. In. Out. In. Out. She willed her heart to beat in a steady rhythm as she tried to reclaim power over her emotions and fears.

Castleton’s gaze settled on her face. She peered up at him. This time she really looked at him focusing on his mouth, which was firm, sensual and smiling encouragingly.

“Are you having fun yet?” Castleton asked her affectionately.

Her gaze flew up to his. Ah, those eyes. Knowing. Dark.

Making up the rules as you go along

The second book in Maya Rodale’s Wallflower series, Wallflower Gone Wild, is every bit as delightful as the first. Lady Olivia has always followed the rules, and where has it gotten her? I can relate. The poor girl has done everything expected of her for so long that she has completely lost touch with her own preferences and, dare we say it, desires. Now she’s forced to wed a man everyone supposes is mad and violent. Even such a fate is less severe than having to finish one more season a spinster.

Oh, Phinn has a temper all right. But he’s not mad, just preoccupied. And a little clueless about women and prone to take the advice of a friend who is no Dr. Phil.

Olivia’s escapades as she throws off the rules with a vengeance are fun to read. I can’t wait for the third wallflower to have her turn at love. Thanks, Avon, for allowing me to acquire a review copy of this book.