Off to the races


Did you watch the Kentucky Derby yesterday? There was more drama than usual when the winning horse was disqualified and an extreme longshot ended up the winner.

My husband and I have actually been privileged to attend the Derby thanks to a very good friend of his who lived in Louisville for many years. It is every bit as fun as it looks on televison. The celebration lasts for a whole week prior to the race with parades and the like. Alas, I did not wear a fancy hat when I went. What a missed opportunity.

derby hat

We invited that friend as well as my husband’s brother and their respective spouses to our place for a mini party before the televised race. I put together several appetizers, so we could munch and watch the preliminaries at the same time. Although I have a quantity of mint growing in my back yard, I did not serve mint juleps. Nobody really likes them too much.


The horse I had my eye on ended up coming in third. I picked him because I liked the silks his jockey wore. Very scientific, right?

Did your horse win?