The Legend of Lyon Redmond book review



Having read and enjoyed previous Pennyroyal Green novels by Julie Anne Long, I was predisposed to like The Legend of Lyon Redmond. Confusion ensued.

The main plot was engaging: offspring of the Eversea and Redmond clans, who have been feuding since 1066, fell headlong in love five years ago. High drama, threats from overbearing father, and fear of losing all one has ever known threw a major wrench into the works.

Now, Olivia is about to marry a more suitable candidate but has never gotten over Lyon. We see why in a series of flashbacks to how it all began. Plus that pesky ballad extolling him and those lurid illustrations are everywhere she goes.

The descriptions of a soulmate connection are lyrical. All that breathlessness rings true. The HEA comes about in an inventive way.

What confused me though was the epilogue. Suddenly, we witness Olivia’s modern day descendant meeting the descendant of a character from one of the other Pennyroyal books. Lots and lots of exposition of what ever happened to all and sundry residents of the town followed. Maybe this was Long’s way of wrapping up this series? Personally, I could have done without it.


It Started with a Scandal review

I’ve just finished It Started with a Scandal by Julie Anne Long. What a sweet book!

Elise and Phillippe have each been forced to leave home but for very different reasons. Because of her change in “circumstances,” she has taken a tumble down the social ladder and must assume the position of housekeeper to a dislocated prince of the House of Bourbon.

The staff she inherits wouldn’t last an hour at Downton Abbey. But Elise has no alternative but to do whatever it takes to retain her position. Fortunately, the talents she honed teaching elementary school children work equally well on this crew.

Phillippe is every bit as challenging as his employees. He’s recuperating from severe injuries and prone to throwing breakables in frustration.

The repartee these two exchange is witty and charming. The romance unfolds as they recognize they are kindred spirits.

Elise is a wonderful heroine-warm and loving but no pushover. And Phillippe! Ooh, la, la. He’s French. Need I say more? Their HEA is immensely satisfying.

This is Book 10 of Long’s Pennyroyal Green Series and will be released March 31, 2015.

Julie Anne Long


KissCon launching on West Coast

I often wish I lived on the West Coast. Now I have kiss two more reasons. Avon is launching new events called KissCon.

What does KissCon entail? A group of Avon authors will be doing a signing, a Q&A, and fun, interactive events with the audience. There will be prizes and raffles. Authors attending each event will vary slightly. Attendance is free, unless you spring for a VIP ticket—which gets you in to an exclusive reception with the authors, as well as one of the featured authors’ books.

Maybe I will finish one of my own romance novels in time to be featured at a Florida KissCon someday.  Anyway, here are the locations:

KissCon Seattle (at Copperfield’s Books in San Rafael, CA, Saturday, 11/22):

Avon Books and Copperfield’s San Rafael are joining forces to bring romance readers the very first KissCon (an Avon Affair!) on November 22, 2014.  There will be a special limited-attendance VIP event, and a larger public event.  We are encouraging readers to reserve tickets for both!

Featured authors include: Ilona Andrews, Elizabeth Boyle, Rachel Gibson, Laura Kaye, TJ Kline, Julie Anne Long, Sarah MacLean, Cathy Maxwell,Jennifer Ryan and Lori Wilde.


KissCon Seattle (at University Bookstore, Sunday, 11/23) :

Avon Books and University Book Store are teaming up to bring Seattle area romance readers the city’s first-ever multi-author KissCon (an Avon Affair!) on November 23, 2014.  There will be a special limited-attendance VIP event, followed by a larger public event.  We are encouraging readers to reserve tickets for both!

The star-studded author line-up includes: Ilona AndrewsJennifer BernardElizabeth BoyleJulie Brannagh, Rachel Gibson,  Lorraine HeathLaura KayeSophie Jordan, Sarah MacLeanCathy Maxwell, Darlene PanzeraJulia Quinn and Lori Wilde.


Appearances can be deceiving

Between the Devil ans Ian /eversea

When American Tansy, or should I say Ti.., oh, never mind, arrives in England, all sorts of unexpected things happen. She brings out the soft side in a most intimidating Duke, strikes up unlikely friendships with the cook and a local barmaid, and blasts an innocent apple to smithereens. Beneath the angelic facade, she’s a survivor.

Ian is a survivor too, of a bayonet, a run-in with said Duke, and  more meaningless romances than he can count.

Julie Anne Long’ s Between the Devil and Ian Eversea let’s us peek into the minds of this twosome as they find out just how much alike they are. The inner monologues are amusing as well as revealing.

This book is part of the Pennyroyal Green series. It stands alone just fine but certainly makes you want to read more about this entertaining village and its other characters.