My own personal book club (#MFRWAuthor)


This week’s blog topic is what five authors dead or alive I’d like to meet.

The first is easy. I’d love hanging out with Janet Evanovich. I have read all of her Plum novels and belly-laughed at every one. Imagine sitting down with her over a glass or three of wine and finding out if Ranger is based on a real person. She lives only a couple hours away from me, so this can easily be arranged if you’re listening, Janet.

My next choice is Eloisa James. What fun it would be to talk about how her university students react to her as both a Shakespearean scholar and a romance author. I was an adjunct professor briefly myself, and I’m sure we’d have lots of stories to share.

That brings me to number three. Shakespeare himself. Am I stretching the rules to include a playwright? If so, I don’t care. How brilliant he was to have written so much that is just as valid today as it was centuries ago. What a wit, and what a student of human nature.

Since I’m rule-bending, for number four I’d pick Stephen Sondheim. I love his music, largely because of his erudite lyrics filled with astonishing rhymes. “What makes him look reptilian is the brilliantine.” C’mon. Who wouldn’t want to have written that line?

Number five? This one is tougher. Do I go with perennial favorites Louisa May Alcott or Charlotte Bronte? The indefatigable Nora? Nah. I think I’ll go with Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I have probably read and enjoyed all of her books. Her football player heroes are yummy yet down to earth.

I think I’m seeing a pattern here…

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Only the name’s the same

Big Girl Panties By Stephanie Evanovich

As an Avon Addict, I had the opportunity to read this book for free. When I saw the Evanovich name, I assumed there was some connection to Janet. There is–Stephanie is Janet’s niece.

I liked the premise: overweight widow gets in shape with the aid of a personal trainer who predictably (this IS a romance, after all) falls for her after a life of dating supermodels. The book, however, was a bit on the kinky side and too explicit for my tastes. The cast of characters, other than the heroine Holly, was not particularly appealing.

I think I will stick with Aunt Janet’s books.