Follies Past



When I was asked to review Melanie Kerr’s Follies Past, I agreed readily. The novel is termed a prequel to Pride & Prejudice, and who doesn’t love Pride & Prejudice? I was not to be disappointed.

Melanie’s writing is stylistically on the money. She knows this time period well.

She knows the familiar characters well too. None of the Bennetts make an appearance, but Darcy is present. So are Bingley and Wickham, and very true to how Austen created them.  We see the indomitable Lady Catherine de Bourgh and finally find out what is behind her daughter Anne’s silence.

Two subplots give us more information about Caroline Bingley and Georgiana Darcy. The latter introduces a new and charming character who is Georgiana’s dear friend and who plays a big part in averting the scandal that almost overtakes her.

Fans of Austen will delight in this book as much as I did, and even those not familiar with Pride & Prejudice will find a book that stands on its own mertis.



Broadway Baby

I never, ever miss the Tony Awards. Haven’t been to NYC in many years, but I still want to know what’s playing. This is one year when I particularly wish a trip was in my future. Follies is my favorits show of all time. And Jesus Christ Superstar is right up there too.

My favorite parts of the Tonys, of course, are the numbers from the nominated musicals. The singing is fabulous and the dancing even better. How wonderful it must be to have such talent.