All Lined Up

all lined up


As a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan, I certainly could not resist All Lined Up. Plus I already knew I enjoyed the writing of Cora Carmack.

You wouldn’t necessarily think a quarterback would feel an immediate attraction to a dancer. But they are both athletes trying to prove themselves. Dallas, the heroine, wants to dance in a more prestigious place than the small school she attends. The school, however, is a step up for Carson. He just wants to play well enough to get a scholarship. Oh, by the way, her dad is the football coach. Complications ensue.

My college days are far behind me, but this book was a sweet way to relive how it was to want to make a mark on the world and how it was to find a soul mate.





What a piece of work is man

Let me say immediately I love, love, love Cora Carmack’s book Losing It.  I am far from a twenty-something, yet all the feelings of being part of a young theater crowd came rushing back. The heroine of the novel Bliss is a believable combination of insecurity and smart mouth. The hero Garrick says just exactly what every girl wishes her boyfriend would. And in a British accent. Even the cat is funny.