A Gentleman Never Tells book review


As I have said before, I never met an Eloisa James book I didn’t like. This one is novella length, and since I just published a novella of my own, I was particularly interested to see how she handled this form.

As one would expect with a shorter story, the plot isn’t too complicated. But because it is James, it has a few quirks. The heroine, although a widow, is still a virgin. And the hero as a young man was somewhat of a bully.

The bullying led to a happy result for the victims. As we have seen all too often, that is rarely the case in real life. But this is a romance after all, not a sociological treatise. Somehow all’s well that ends well, as Shakespearean professor James might say.

Just like croquet, this is a perfect amusement for a summer afternoon.