Yeah, yeah, yeah (#MFRWAuthor)



The topic in this 25th week of the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop is an easy one: Do I keep a diary or journal?

Why, yes. Yes, I do. Although I’ve tried to follow the advice of Julia Cameron and write “morning pages,” I failed. I don’t write something every day. I don’t use a fancy book designed for the purpose. A spiral notebook works just fine. I have half a dozen or more lying around in a drawer.

But what I don’t have, and desperately wish I did, is the diary I kept as a teenager.

You see, I just read an advanced review copy of Diary of a Beatlemaniac by Patricia Gallo-Stenman who had the foresight not only to write in a diary but to hold on to it. Her book jogged my memory, but truthfully I hadn’t forgotten what life was like circa 1964. How exciting it was to see our idols on stage in an erstwhile ice arena in Pittsburgh. The breathess anticipation for every new album release. The heartbreak when the Beatle who was supposed to wait for me to grow up so I could marry him went and married someone else. Yep, it all came flooding back.

I recently talked with another author who told me she writes historical fiction. When I asked about her book, I discovered it is set in the 1960s. Say wha’? It is kinda sobering to realize how much of your life is now considered history.

I can’t wait to read about other authors’ journals here. I’m betting the percentage of us who keep them is high.




Back when my mother was a bobby-soxer, she swooned over Frank Sinatra. For me, a child of the sixties, it was the Beatles, George Harrison in particular. For my younger sister, it was Donny Osmond.

On this weekend before Valentine’s Day, I find myself pondering these teenage crushes. I never got any closer to George than a row on the upper level of what was then the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh. Had I ever met him, I’m certain I would have been completely paralyzed by fear.

It’s a different world than it was then. The young ladies seem so much more mature. Do they still idolize pop stars? My guess is it’s the preteen girls now, not the teens, who keep up the tradition.

What is the attraction? The dreamy eyes, the toothpaste smile, or just the safety of distance?

In the comments, tell me about your teen crush.