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A year ago, she faced down a hurricane. That was enough drama for one lifetime. Now all Kate Schubert wants is a simple ceremony surrounded by her family and dearest friends. What could go wrong?

Dave Morrissey knows what it’s like to have a mother who’s a loose cannon. He’s not about to let her disrupt the big day, but how will he be able to keep her in line long enough for the I dos?

Thank goodness Kate’s family can be counted on not to do anything to jeopardize their wedding day. Or can they?

I loved this author’s twist on bridezilla….delightful read. -Amazon reviewer

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Making Time with the Maestro.jpg

On her first day as PR Director of the Edison City Opera, Alice Wright refutes the allegations of a lovesick violinist and demands a retraction from the city’s gossip rag. Oh, and becomes engaged to the impetuous maestro.

Lorenzo Moretti could get any woman he wants with a wave of his baton. But his only passion is the exquisite music he conducts. A fiancée in name only will keep other women from ruining his concentration.

Soon, a more serious problem arises. Financial woes reach a crescendo that threatens to end the opera company before the curtain rises. With both their careers on the line, Alice and Lorenzo must work together to save the company.

Will their duet continue when the curtain comes down?

The story line is well planned out and expresses many typical events that can occur in an opera or symphony group – I think we have seen them all! -Amazon reviewer

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Romance with a side of comedy 

Zumba teacher Isabella Ramos moved from Miami to quirky, small town Calusa to open a restaurant. Luc Girard arrives on the Florida island to become a painter, or so he says. The attraction is instant. But the secret he’s keeping threatens to deflate their relationship like a fallen soufflé. It takes just the right mixture of ingredients for dreams to come true.

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Things are heating up in the tropics

Kate Schubert worked her way to a hospitality degree by toiling in her parents’ restaurant. Now she’s on her way from Pittsburgh to a backwater town in Florida. She has been hired for her very first hotel management position, one she plans to make a stepping stone to the career she’s always dreamed of.  Attorney Dave Morissey found out the hard way that ambitious women don’t hang around Calusa for long, but he can’t stay away from the leggy redhead. Reeling her in, however, may take a village.

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Protesters, clashing viewpoints, economic crisis

When the mayor of Calusa flees town with the contents of its bank account in the middle of the night, Geneva Price finds herself in charge and trying to hold it all together. Seth Connor, a swoon-worthy hotel developer, might be the answer to her prayers, in more ways than one. But first she has to arrange a truce between the ecologists and the economists. Just a typical day in Florida. If you need a break from national politics, here’s a lighter look at governmental goings-on in small town America.


“No death, no violence – just delightful southern charm!”  Amazon reviewer

“I actually wished it was longer, so I could spend more time with everyone in Calusa!”  Amazon reviewer

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