Shh!Thievery afoot



If you’ve read the first book in my Calusa Town Tales, The Lady Is a Mayor, you know it features orchids. I admire them but have not had any luck with them. I have only had an orchid myself once, but I just had to try to repot it and killed it. The lady who lives up the street from me has some beautiful orchids nestled in her avocado tree. She would be wise to keep watch.

I have a confession to make. You see, out front of my home, I am coaxing along a few plants I rooted from purloined cuttings. I snapped a stem of Mexican petunia from the landscaping around Carrabba’s Restaurant (don’t judge.) I also have a plant with a small yellow flower whose name I don’t know that I broke off a neighbor’s plant. On my windowsill, I am trying to get roots on a plant with a bigger yellow flower that I got caught breaking off from a different neighbor’s yard. I have been eyeing those showy flowers since Christmas and finally gave in to temptation. Fortunately, he was not angry.

Dotted here and there around my home are pineapple plants that I started from the tops of store-bought fruit. Every once in a while, I get a pineapple and believe me they are the sweetest, most delicious pineapples I have ever tasted.


I also have a garden in my backyard with plants I actually paid for. In it are mint, oregano rosemary, and thyme. I really like cooking with fresh herbs, and my husband likes a sprig of mint in his morning tea. In addition to the herbs, I have a jalapeno plant that keeps going strong and a cherry tomato plant. The other day, I noticed a new “volunteer” plant that looks like a tomato. Apparently, a seed from last year took off.


I also have a key lime tree that has been out back for a number of years and a Meyer lemon tree planted last year that has yet to produce fruit. Oh, and a huge coconut palm out front.


Are you a gardener? I’d love to hear about the plants in your yard-whether stolen or paid for.



Get on the bus, Gus

It is ironic that I now live on an island that has bus service once a week. Yes, it’s Thursday, so today’s the day. As if that weren’t pitiful enough, the county tries to do away with that lone bus every year. A couple years back, they even held a hearing on the subject. Several elderly ladies who were regular riders showed up to protest. They carried the day, but only just.

The irony comes in because I had recurring dreams for years that I was riding on a bus and couldn’t get off or didn’t know where my stop was. I knew enough about dream analysis to recognize this was a metaphor for my life. Back in Pittsburgh, a place urbanized enough to have public transit, I spent many an hour shivering waiting for a bus and many an hour jammed into a seriously overcrowded bus when it finally arrived.

I don’t know which I am more grateful for, the fact that the bus dreams ceased or the fact that I no longer have to take a bus even once a week.