About Fran Thomas

My alter ego from my dancing days

Do you love romance novels as much as I do?  Although I majored in English lit, high falutin’ books are really not for me.

Instead, I’ve read  thousands of romances, edited a bunch, and begun writing a handful that I swear I will complete…some day. So far, I have published the first two books in a series of light-hearted, G-rated small town tales. Book three will be released soon.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, I now live in tropical Florida on an island thirty minutes away from anything remotely resembling a city.  What was I thinking?

My life, like yours, has some stresses. What better way to take a break from reality than with a love story? I’ll let you know all about what I’m reading and writing.




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6 thoughts on “About Fran Thomas

  1. I found your site looking for blogs that did self-help book reviews. If that is one of your categories, I would like to know if you would be interested in a fellow Pittsburgher’s first book. If so, let me know what the next steps are. If not – all I can say is I am sure you are loving Florida instead of the bitter cold right now! Are you a Pirates fan? They had to have made you proud this year – finally!

    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  2. Hi Frances. Nice thoughts. I also would like to submit a book for review for a virtual book tour for a book published with Writeious Books. You wouldn’t happen to be near Anna Maria Island? I lived there 10 year ago…

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