Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is always difficult for me. I lost my mom many years ago and of course miss her still. Above is a work in progress as I experiment with acrylics. I am using an old photo of my mom, on the left, and her life long best friend, Tootsie, as a reference. They grew up in rural West Virginia. The photo was taken when they were teenagers.

My mom subsequently moved to Pittsburgh where she lived for the rest of her life. Tootsie married an insurance executive and lived in Chicago for a while. Eventually, she and her husband ended up in Georgia. They came to visit us a few times over the years and never failed to send a Christmas present.

After Tootsie passed, her husband became a novelist. Below is one of his books. The heroine was obviously based on his beloved wife.


If you are lucky enough to have your mom with you today, give her a big hug.

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