Survival skills



How my family survives my writing is this week’s blog topic. It really should be the reverse: how does my writing survive my family?

At home, it is just my husband and me. I have a part time teaching job this semester, but otherwise I should have plenty of time, right? The only glitch is that I am a fulltime caregiver. That means I am in charge of driving to and sitting through quite a lot of doctor’s appointments. I also spend a fair amount of time on hold, trying to talk to said doctors’ offices’ staffs. And don’t get me started on dealing with the Veterans Administration. Then there are the time sucks of the grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry.

But who am I kidding? To be fair, I often fritter away what time I do have on Facebook and email. Clearly, I need both time and overwhelm management skills.

Let’s see what the other authors have to say on this here.



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