Weekend sale


Ruth Soukup is running a weekend sale on her Living Well Planner. As you can see in the photo, it goes beyond what you’d expect in a mere planner. It really is a life organization system. I’m an affiliate, so if you make a purchase, I’ll get a small commission. To take a look: Click here

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Survival skills



How my family survives my writing is this week’s blog topic. It really should be the reverse: how does my writing survive my family?

At home, it is just my husband and me. I have a part time teaching job this semester, but otherwise I should have plenty of time, right? The only glitch is that I am a fulltime caregiver. That means I am in charge of driving to and sitting through quite a lot of doctor’s appointments. I also spend a fair amount of time on hold, trying to talk to said doctors’ offices’ staffs. And don’t get me started on dealing with the Veterans Administration. Then there are the time sucks of the grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry.

But who am I kidding? To be fair, I often fritter away what time I do have on Facebook and email. Clearly, I need both time and overwhelm management skills.

Let’s see what the other authors have to say on this here.



Enough to give one hives (#MFRWAuthor)



The blog hop topic for this week is what I’m allergic to. Fortunately for me, I have no food allergies. And unlike my sister, I am not allergic to dust, ragweed, and the usual suspects. The last time I had an allergic reaction was to penicillin, and that was decades ago.

So any talk of allergies will have to be those of a mental or emotional rather than physical nature.

I’m allegic to reckless drivers who zig and zag through traffic, to doctor’s offices who can’t be bothered to call back, really to any type of rude behavior.

Lately, I’m also allergic to folks who share their political leanings with me that are the polar opposite of mine as if they are assuming I agree with them. Or that theirs is the only opinion.

I’m allergic to people who talk about nothing but their medical condition. And to the students in the class I teach who gaze at me with no expression on their faces or, worse yet, gaze at their phones when I am doing my level best to impart the wisdom of all my past trials and errors.

Whew! Thanks Marketing for Romance Writers for letting me get all that off my chest.  You can take a look here to see what the other authors have to say.


Fear and longing (#MFRWAuthor)



This is week 44 in the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. I’ve been MIA the past couple weeks. I really had nothing to say on the prompts.

This week we’re instructed to write about our biggest fear.

Where do I begin? I’m afraid I will never be what I feel I should have become. At quite an advanced age, I still am trying to figure out what to be when I grow up. Or to define what my purpose is. Or to establish a personal brand. All the things I have just spent a semester trying to  teach college freshmen how to do.

Does the phrase “do what I say, not what I do” come to mind?

Which me is the real me? The caregiver me? The writer me? The singer me? What do I call the amalgam of all of the above?

Go here to see if my fellow authors’ fears are less existential. For their sakes, I hope so.