Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (MFRWAuthor)



The item I can’t live without is the topic for this week on Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. If you ask my husband, the answer would be my laptop. He definitely has a point. I spend most of the day, every day, tapping away on it.

Then there’s the television. Even when I’m not actually watching it, I often have it on for company. What about my phone? Not my cellphone, mind you. I rarely use that one, but I have a standing one hour minimum land line conversation with my sister weekly.

But what about my bottle of foundation? Or my hair dryer? I use both daily unless I am really, really, and I mean really ill.

Of course, there’s my Keurig and my espresso maker. Those are pretty important.

I am, after all, a writer. So, the item I can’t live without is my library card. Or my Kindle. Or my reading glasses.

I give up. It is impossible to choose. Take a look here to see what other authros have to say on this subject.

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