Stop and smell the flowers (#MFRWAuthor)



Man oh man. The year is half over. This week’s blog topic is my favorite indulgence. Another tough one.

It is easier to list some things others may consider indulgences that don’t interest me in the least. You will never find me submerged in a bubble bath, with or without scented candles. I don’t do manicures, pedicures, or massages.

As I sit here on my couch wiritng this, I can see the grocery store bouquet I bought myself earlier this week. There’s my answer.

My favorites are alstroemeria. They come in various colors. The bunch I have right now are white with pinkish purple centers. If I keep replenishing their water, I can usually keep them for more than a week.

I had to Google them to make sure I spelled their name correctly and up came the linked article. I learned these flowers are also called Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas. They are symbols of wealth, prosperity, and fortune. They are also the flower of friendship. Who knew?

In the first book in my Calusa Town Tales, The Lady Is a Mayor, orchids are an important part of the plot, but I think I’ll stick to my Peruvian Lily. Maybe my next book will be about the Incas and earn me a lot of money. Hmmm.

To read about the indulgences of other authors, go here.


Atonement in a small town



Since I also have a series set in a fictional small town, I’m intrigued by the possibilities for this new series to develop. Kat is venturing into clean romace for the first time. You can purchase it here.


Here’s the blurb:

“[Kat Cantrell’s] SEAL characters are the best!” ~ Romance As A First Language

When a SEAL comes home, it takes the right woman to heal his scars. Read the first book in a brand new military romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Cantrell.

After being kicked out of the Navy, ex-SEAL Caleb Hardy needs a new mission, and rebuilding a struggling Texas mining town into a tourist destination is it. If he’s successful, Superstition Springs will become a new home for his band of world-weary teammates—and hopefully a place to atone for the horrific mistake they’d made in the line of duty. Mission parameters: within six months, make the town profitable before it gets razed and turned into a shopping center.

Urban planner Havana Nixon has other plans for the quirky dot on the map. She fled Superstition Springs eight years ago, desperate to escape her childhood poverty and the town that she never could quite call “home”. Now she’s back, determined to help the townspeople—and earn herself a lofty job in the process. All she has to do is convince the folks to sell their land for a fair price to the developer eyeing the town’s prime location. Everyone wins, right? Except she didn’t count on an infuriating and gorgeous obstacle named Caleb Hardy.

Add in a love prediction dispensed by Havana’s quirky aunt and nothing goes as expected, least of all a head-to-head between two people with opposing plans who spark every time they’re together. If they could just unbend long enough to compromise, Caleb and Havana might figure out they both want the same thing—forever.

Welcome to Superstition Springs, town in progress.

Which sister gets the man?



Looking for a new author? Here is the first in a series for 99 cents for a short time.


The blurb:

One life…
Trevor Palmer must sink or survive, quite literally. Choosing to manipulate the changing hands of his company for his own good, he relocates to the rough country of Idaho, in searching for his great great grandfather’s mine.

Porsche has sworn off all men but meeting Trevor has changed her best laid plans, throwing her resolve to find the perfect man for her sister against her, stumbling head on into the ideal man for herself.




“Have you considered you might have Multiple sclerosis?”
“What?” My jaw managed to form the single syllable while my world collapsed.
“I mention it because your eyes dart around like my mother’s and she has MS,” Dr. Staley continued rubbing my neck before he twisted it. Snap, pop. It’s a good thing Dr. Staley is an excellent chiropractor.
“I can’t possibly have MS.” I argue because I’ve never fainted, I have all of my fine motor skills, I don’t bump into things. My balance is a little off, but I don’t have time to be sick, I’m just feeling the heat early this year. Right, it’s March in southern Nevada and not in the triple digits yet.
“I’m not a specialist but I can give you a referral. I think you should check it out.”

That is how my writing career started. Before then I danced, rode horses, did arts and crafts to decorate my home and sing. One by one each was taken from me by MS. I’ve had to reinvent myself. Writing is my creative outlet of choice now…but it is not alone. Against the odds my health is improving! I invite you to visit my blog or pick up a copy of The Drive to Thrive Anthology here on Amazon for the rest of the story.

Yeah, yeah, yeah (#MFRWAuthor)



The topic in this 25th week of the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop is an easy one: Do I keep a diary or journal?

Why, yes. Yes, I do. Although I’ve tried to follow the advice of Julia Cameron and write “morning pages,” I failed. I don’t write something every day. I don’t use a fancy book designed for the purpose. A spiral notebook works just fine. I have half a dozen or more lying around in a drawer.

But what I don’t have, and desperately wish I did, is the diary I kept as a teenager.

You see, I just read an advanced review copy of Diary of a Beatlemaniac by Patricia Gallo-Stenman who had the foresight not only to write in a diary but to hold on to it. Her book jogged my memory, but truthfully I hadn’t forgotten what life was like circa 1964. How exciting it was to see our idols on stage in an erstwhile ice arena in Pittsburgh. The breathess anticipation for every new album release. The heartbreak when the Beatle who was supposed to wait for me to grow up so I could marry him went and married someone else. Yep, it all came flooding back.

I recently talked with another author who told me she writes historical fiction. When I asked about her book, I discovered it is set in the 1960s. Say wha’? It is kinda sobering to realize how much of your life is now considered history.

I can’t wait to read about other authors’ journals here. I’m betting the percentage of us who keep them is high.


Quaking with fear


In the mood for a western? Here’s a new release, the eighth in the Silverpines series. Natural disasters like an earthquake make a compelling element in a book. Here in Florida, we get hurricanes instead. I featured one in the second book of my Calusa Town Tales series, Southern Hospitality.

Here’s the blurb:

Struggling to move past her grief.

Victoria Rhyan lost everything during the Earthquakes that tore through Silverpines, including her husband, the town’s mayor. The resulting fear and loneliness has left her in a fragile state, unable to leave her home. To make matters worse, her husband’s solicitor arrives in Silverpines to inform Victoria that the mayor had been embezzling from town’s tax money, and that all of the evidence points to her as the recipient of those stolen funds. Desperate, Victoria sends out a plea for a mail-order-groom, begging for any man with experience at law to come to her aid.

Terrified of the man he has become.

Luther Garrison is a man on the run. He’s running from the law, and from his cousin— the notorious outlaw— Mace Thorne. Shot in the back while trying to escape Mace and his gang, Luther awakens to find himself at the mercy of Victoria Ryhan. She is everything he isn’t. Prim, proper and startlingly attractive, Luther is utterly captivated by her in an instant. But Mace is still hunting him, and it’s only a matter of time before he finds Luther again.

Can Victoria accept help from the lawyer turned outlaw for her own legal troubles?

Will Mace catch up to Luther and destroy both Victoria and himself?

Can love win out over their fear, or is it too late for the woman who took in the Wanted Lawyer?


Praise for the Silverpines series

“Love this series, I can not even imagine the work these women have had to endure with most of the men lost in tragedy.”
Amazon Reviewer

“The characters were very strong and believable with the circumstances that they had to endure. Love was a very special ingredient in this story…. Enjoying this series tremendously.”
Amazon Reviewer

“Every book in this series is a fun read. I ready enjoy reading the ‘mail order groom’ concept. Looking forward to read the next in this series.”
Amazon Reviewer

California Dreamin’



This short, sweet book is based on a real-life love story. The cover is mesmerizing, don’t you think?

Here’s the blurb:

Michael Thomas’ life changed when he accepted a friendly client’s offer to stay at his winter home in Carmel, California. Michael planned to immerse himself in the artistic atmosphere of the Monterey Bay area. Maybe this is his opportunity to settle at last and to make better use of his exceptional talents as a painter, an artists romance.

Angelina Serracino, a romance widow, had yet to forgive herself for the death of her fiance, though she had no responsibility for his passing. Angelina still couldn’t shake the feeling that if maybe she had done something differently.

Angelina was working in her father’s restaurant when Michael came in for a meal. Michael was immediately attracted, but she was withdrawn. What will he have to do? How can he get her interest?

Devin Pine has skillfully handled this beautiful story of being honest in love and dealing with the consequences of divergent pasts. Truly an inspirational romance.



Devin Pine may have written Moonlight at Monterey Bay as a tribute to his grandparent’s courtship, but their story transcends the boundaries of time and easily translates to a modern-day romance. Michael Thomas is a worldly artist equally bewitched by a beautiful waitress and the haunting seascapes of Carmel. Angelina Serracino is a small-town girl too absorbed by tragedy and guilt to acknowledge her budding romance with the handsome stranger. What ensues is a heart-warming journey through desire and self-deception, with several keen insights into the redeeming powers of love.Pine deftly navigates an emotionally turbulent plot without contriving the internal struggles of his main characters. An inspired supporting cast keeps the tone from getting too heavy, and the seaside setting compliments the sensual imagery. Moonlight at Monterey Bay is like a weekend trip to Carmel: short, sweet, and full of people and places you’ll want to take back home. — Marie Cannizzaro

About the Author

Devin Pine lives in Santa Barbara California with his beautiful wife, his beloved two teenage girls (who give him no end of fun!), and his wonderful brown lab Cocoa!

Devin was born and raised in southern California, but he spent 5 years living in Monterey where he learned to scuba dive and did some abalone diving while working for a fishing company in his youth.

He spends his adult life working at a copywriting company for fashion products, pet products, and food stuffs.

Devin has both a bachelors in English and a masters in journalism. He enjoys writing immensely!

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (MFRWAuthor)



The item I can’t live without is the topic for this week on Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. If you ask my husband, the answer would be my laptop. He definitely has a point. I spend most of the day, every day, tapping away on it.

Then there’s the television. Even when I’m not actually watching it, I often have it on for company. What about my phone? Not my cellphone, mind you. I rarely use that one, but I have a standing one hour minimum land line conversation with my sister weekly.

But what about my bottle of foundation? Or my hair dryer? I use both daily unless I am really, really, and I mean really ill.

Of course, there’s my Keurig and my espresso maker. Those are pretty important.

I am, after all, a writer. So, the item I can’t live without is my library card. Or my Kindle. Or my reading glasses.

I give up. It is impossible to choose. Take a look here to see what other authros have to say on this subject.