Bring on the bubbly (#MFRWAuthor)

Published April 13, 2018 by francesothomas


This week’s blog topic is how I celebrate completing my manuscript.

I don’t have a particular way to celebrate this milestone. My husband and I have a no-fail plan we use for every holiday, celebration, and even some we-have-no-reason-we-just-deserve-this dinners. We share a bottle of champagne or other bubbly wine, some cheese, a baguette, and some fruit.

Mu husband is possibly the best champagne bottle opener I have ever seen. He tells me the trick is turning the cork, not the bottle. He still gets that satisfying “pop” sound without having the liquid spray all over the place. Not that I buy anything very expensive, but why waste it?

His favorite cheese is blue and mine is Brie, although goat cheese is giving those a run for their money. For Easter, I found one coated with dried cranberries and orange peel. Yum.

For fruit, we usually have grapes, an apple, or a pear.

And we always have something for dessert.

Works for us.

To read about how my fellow authors celebrate, go here.


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