Romance in a different time and place (#MFRWAuthor)



This week’s topic on the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop is my favorite romance genre to read or write. While I really love to read regency romances, I have never attempted to write one. I have to ask myself why that is.

Am I just too lazy to do the research? No, that can’t be it. I enjoy looking things up. Of course, the very real possibility exists that I’d be so caught up in researching that I’d never get anything written.

Maybe I should accept the challenge. I write romances to give readers the chance to escape from everyday life. Reading about a totally different era is even more of an escape, right?

Should I try it?

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Tickling the ivories (#MFRWAuthors)



Here we are in week 16 of the Marketing for Romance Writers blog hop. The topic this time is family, friends, and pets I’ve written into my books. Surprisingly few.

One person I did use as an inspiration for a recurring character in my Calusa Town Tales is the former accompanist for the chorus I’ve sung with for many years. The character’s appearance and personality are not at all similar to this pianist. What I used was his habit of making editorial comments on what was going on in rehearsal via snippets of songs he would slyly doodle a few measures of.

For example, if the conductor exhorted the tenors and basses to sing more strongly, the pianist might play a little bit of “Stout Hearted Men.” I did, and still do, sit in the front row, short person that I am, so I always listened carefully to what was emanating from that piano and got a good laugh.

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Bring on the bubbly (#MFRWAuthor)


This week’s blog topic is how I celebrate completing my manuscript.

I don’t have a particular way to celebrate this milestone. My husband and I have a no-fail plan we use for every holiday, celebration, and even some we-have-no-reason-we-just-deserve-this dinners. We share a bottle of champagne or other bubbly wine, some cheese, a baguette, and some fruit.

Mu husband is possibly the best champagne bottle opener I have ever seen. He tells me the trick is turning the cork, not the bottle. He still gets that satisfying “pop” sound without having the liquid spray all over the place. Not that I buy anything very expensive, but why waste it?

His favorite cheese is blue and mine is Brie, although goat cheese is giving those a run for their money. For Easter, I found one coated with dried cranberries and orange peel. Yum.

For fruit, we usually have grapes, an apple, or a pear.

And we always have something for dessert.

Works for us.

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