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Help! I need somebody…(#MFRWAuthor)

Published March 16, 2018 by francesothomas



Oh, my goodness! We are into the 11th week of the year already? This week’s #MFRWAuthor blog challenge is “If I never had to do this one task again…”

Some of these weekly topics are difficult to answer. This one isn’t.

If I never had to deal with telephone customer service, and I use that term loosely, I would jump for joy. This goes for cable television, medical practitioners, bank or insurance personnel, and any and all government bureaucracies.

All of the “push this button for that” business is circular and infuriating. My husband has been known to bellow “Get me a human being” into the phone. This rarely works. I try repeatedly pressing zero. Same non-result.

If by some stroke of luck you actually get to a person, that person cannot give you a satisfactory answer anyway. The most recent excuse I got was they hadn’t called back since they were catching up from the hurricane. The hurricane that happened six months ago.

Take a look here to see what bugs my fellow authors.



Do unto others (#MFRWAuthor)

Published March 9, 2018 by francesothomas


Week ten Marketing for Romance Writers blog challenge is things only my family would understand. My siblings and I use the term “do-less” to describe people who are a combination of useless, clueless, and helpless, and also short on common sense.

My mother used this adjective, and we all picked it up. I’ve never heard anyone else use it. I never knew if it originated in her native West Virginia or if it was her own original construct, but I suspect the latter. It is very useful, however, in conveying a lot of information and more than a little disdain.

I can’t wait to read family stories from my fellow authors here.