Chasing Lady Amelia book review

Chasing Lady Amelia


I gave up wearing high heels years ago. The benefits of stylishness weren’t enough to make up for the agony. So I can certainly sympathize when Lady Amelia just cannot keep pointy shoes that pinch on her feet until she gets home from the colossally boring ball at which she finds herself. Of course, scandal ensues. She is so overset when she returns home that her family slips her a wee drop of laudanum. What few inclinations she has toward correct behavior are gone.

Maya Rodale’s  Chasing Lady Amelia is the second of her Keeping Up With the Cavendishes series. Amelia is one of three American sisters who have come to London with their brother who has inherited a dukedom. She is a rebellious square peg that the Dowager Duchess is trying desperately to fit into the round hole of propriety.

Alistair is wending his way home when Amelia stumbles into his path. He takes her home with him for safe keeping and soon discovers his uncle wants her dowry. And Amelia wants an adventure.

The delightful duo set off to visit all the sights Amelia has been denied. Rodale cleverly has them observed by random people along the way and ties up these plot strings neatly.

Even the Dowager turns out to have a heart of gold.


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