Because of Miss Bridgerton book review



Because of Miss Bridgerton is the tenth book about this family by the highly prolific Julia Quinn, but it is actually a prequel to the others and set during the American Revolutionary War.

The Bridgertons and the Rokesbys live on neighboring estates, and tomboy Miss Sybilla “Billie” Bridgerton has grown up romping around the countryside with the Rokesbys’ daughter and two younger sons. George, the Rokesby heir, however, is a few years older and as serious and dutiful as befits his future as an earl.

Of course, when Billie gets trapped on a roof trying to rescue a cat, it would be George to come to her rescue. Predictably, the sparks start to ignite. George eventually discovers there is more to Billie than her daredevil ways. Deep down, she has a dutiful side too.

Quinn’s sparkling dialogue and internal monologues are always fun to read. Her description of a croquet match made me wonder if perchance she’d ever met any of the cutthroat players in my own family.

Miss Bridgerton is actually the first of a new series, so we’ll be learning more about the rest of Billie and George’s siblings one day soon I imagine. Can’t wait.

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