One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild book review



One-Eyed Dukes are Wild is the second book I’ve reviewed recently whose author, Megan Frampton, I’m guessing is a Days of Our Lives fan just as I am. The afore-mentioned duke wears a black eye patch as does Stephen Nichols in his role as Steve “Patch” Johnson. The similarity, however, ends there. This one-eyed man doesn’t play a mean harmonica like Steve. That would be fun, and this man has no concept of what having fun might be.

Instead, Lasham is a lot like many of the men in our real lives, hardworking but uncomfortable talking about emotions. Into his conscientious but dull life bounces Maggie, sister of Isabella from Frampton’s earlier Dukes Behaving Badly book. Maggie has caused a scandal by refusing to marry the man her odious parents chose for her and been disowned. Now she earns a living besting gentlemen at cards and writing serial fiction.

Besides her own upkeep, Maggie needs the money to help other women to escape from abusive husbands and find gainful employment. That requires her to visit some dangerous neighborhoods. Lasham is too upstanding to allow her to go unprotected (except by her bossy maid.) He’s also the proverbial tall, dark, and handsome hero, so she can overlook his stuffiness.

Being an oldest child myself, I really relate to Lasham’s need to be perfectly correct and how stifling that can be. Luckily, I found an adventurer in my husband, just as he does in Maggie.

Don’t you love a HEA?



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