Scandal Takes the Stage book review



Once upon a time, I used to be involved with community theater, so Scandal Takes the Stage by Eva Leigh brought back many happy memories for me. And as a writer, I thoroughly sympathized with her heroine Maggie, a playwright who is suffering from writer’s block. Quelle horreur!

Enter Cam, a viscount who has long been drawn to the theater and who has already fallen in love with Maggie’s words, if truth be told. When her theater company is in desperate need of a patron, he is only too eager to assume that role.

The plot was a little on the anemic side, I confess. It wasn’t hard to guess that a liaison with Cam was just the thing to release Maggie’s imagination. The supposed obstacle to their HEA, besides the obvious class difference, was that his parents and his best friend had found true love so having that same lightning strike him was an impossibility. Huh? He redeemed himself by coming to his senses in a suitably dramatic way.

All that aside, I enjoyed the camaraderie of cast of thespians. I even learned a bit about theater history. I had never heard the term “burletta” before. What fun it must have been to watch one of those precursors to melodrama, or, better yet, to participate in the creation of one.

For me, one of the most endearing qualities of this particular hero was his ability to back off when necessary and give Maggie the space and time she needed to complete her work. Funny, my husband has that quality too. Sometimes we writers just need some time alone.


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