The Legend of Lyon Redmond book review



Having read and enjoyed previous Pennyroyal Green novels by Julie Anne Long, I was predisposed to like The Legend of Lyon Redmond. Confusion ensued.

The main plot was engaging: offspring of the Eversea and Redmond clans, who have been feuding since 1066, fell headlong in love five years ago. High drama, threats from overbearing father, and fear of losing all one has ever known threw a major wrench into the works.

Now, Olivia is about to marry a more suitable candidate but has never gotten over Lyon. We see why in a series of flashbacks to how it all began. Plus that pesky ballad extolling him and those lurid illustrations are everywhere she goes.

The descriptions of a soulmate connection are lyrical. All that breathlessness rings true. The HEA comes about in an inventive way.

What confused me though was the epilogue. Suddenly, we witness Olivia’s modern day descendant meeting the descendant of a character from one of the other Pennyroyal books. Lots and lots of exposition of what ever happened to all and sundry residents of the town followed. Maybe this was Long’s way of wrapping up this series? Personally, I could have done without it.


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