The Great Christmas Knit Off book review


Will someone please wave a magic wand over me and transport me to Tindledale? I want to become a resident after reading The Great Christmas Knit Off by Alexandra Brown. From the Bridget Jones-ish British slang to the quirky townspeople with requisite hearts of gold, this book had me smiling throughout.

Poor Sybs has been left at the altar when her sister runs off with her fiancé. What is it with these twin sisters anyway? Then she discovers she might have made a really big boo-boo at work. What to do? Why not escape for a weekend to the village of Tindledale to visit her bestie?

Sybs is soon drawn to the proprietress of the local knitting store whose nephew is trying to put her in a home and seize her land. Luckily, Sybs knows her way around a knitting needle. She has been dreaming of running such a store instead of working at her exceedingly boring government job and pitches in to update the ambience and introduce the hand-knitted merchandise to the world via the internet.

Of course, the town also boasts a handsome doctor. Sybs finds that getting some time alone with him is tricky. The townsfolk surround him looking for medical advice whenever he shows his face in the pub. Besides, there are all those tacky Christmas sweaters she must finish knitting. The romance will just have to wait for a bit.

This is the first book in a new series and the perfect tale for the holiday season. I can’t wait to visit Tindledale again.



About the Author

Alexandra Brown began her writing career as the City Girl columnist for the London Paper. She wrote the weekly column—a satirical diary account of her time working in the corporate world of London—for two years before giving it up to concentrate on writing novels and is now the author of the Cupcakes at Carrington’s books. The Great Christmas Knit-Off is Alex’s fourth book. Alex lives in a real village near the south coast of England with her husband, daughter, and a very shiny black Labrador.

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