New Uses for Old Boyfriends book review


I cannot resist a book written by an author with a sense of humor. New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick fills my requirement beautifully.

I am also a devotee of home shopping networks, so I was amused that this book’s heroine Lila  has lost her job selling merchandise late at night that nobody really needs. She’s been dumped not only by the network but also by her husband.

When she comes home to Black Dog Bay, Delaware, she finds her mother’s life and finances are also in a shambles. The mother-daughter interactions as they join forces are delightful. Their solution is to start a resale shop for couture clothes. Unlike me, Kendrick is too young to remember such things as Rudi Gernreich’s infamous monokini, so she must have done an enormous amount of research. The descriptions of the clothing, like the clothing itself, are to die for.

Lila’s romantic plan is to hook up with her high school boyfriend. But first she needs to find a seamstress worthy to repair the vintage dresses. Who could guess that an ex-Marine possesses those skills. Oh, and he went to high school with Lila too.  She can’t quite place him, but he remembers her well. Very well.

I loved the town and the cast of characters. This book is part of a series. I’ll be looking for the others.

Have you ever tried to re-kindle a romance?



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