Blueprints review


I haven’t read anything by Barbara Delinsky for a while. This is an oversight I need to rectify. Her latest novel Blueprints is a winner.

I picked the book up because of the concept, a mother and daughter with a TV show about rehabbing homes. I love anything HGTV. The book included lots of descriptions of architectural details and the like that I really enjoyed.

Delinsky gives us characters who are recognizable and relationships that are believable. We either know someone like these people or we are them. She has a good handle on the crises of both young adulthood and middle (or older) age.

I thought the mother-daughter rivalry would be the main story here, but a plot twist brought in additional elements. The result was somewhat predictable but so well-written that I couldn’t put it down.

It was a pleasure to meet such competent women.

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