How to Blog a Book review


For bloggers like me who also aspire to be book authors, Nina Amir’s //“>How to Blog a Book is a valuable resource. Amir’s book is in its second edition and boasts two pages of testimonials from her peers.

The questionnaires at the end featuring other authors whose blogs became books are insightful. Some planned carefully, others not at all.

Amir advocates planning and a lot of it. She gives extensive instructions about how to construct a business plan for your book before you ever write a word in your blog. This plan contains 14 items to be covered although those who don’t intend to seek a traditional publisher can simplify the process down to Overview, Markets, Promotion, Competing Titles, Outline, List of Chapters, and Chapter Summaries.

Amir covers the mechanics of setting up a blog in a way non-techies can understand. She also covers such things as word count and whether or not to hold back content from the blog to be included in the book itself. There is information here on an author platform, self-publishing, and the all-important ways to earn money beyond the blog and the book.

For those who already have a blog with existing content, Amir reverses the process and talks about how to turn that content into a book.

If you need a mentor to guide you through what can be a complicated process, Amir is the one.

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