When Love Comes review

I am not much into beer, but I like to think I am fairly knowledgeable about wine. As I was reading Darcy Burke’s When Love Happens, I kept thinking the author didn’t know much about either. This is Book Three of her Ribbon Ridge series where the Archer family owns a highly successful microbrewery in the middle of Oregon wine country, and the author lives in that region herself. Her characters seem to imbibe an awful lot but not at the appropriate time. For example, they wait until after a meal to drink a good Pinot Noir.

I found the premise to be equally difficult to accept. Tori shuts out her new husband because she feels guilt over her brother’s suicide. Why? She didn’t answer a phone call from that brother the night before he died, which also happened to be her wedding night.

Tori is also so self-involved that it never occurs to her that her husband Sean is desperately trying to hang onto his job so he can help support his parents. She’s got a trust fund but surely should have figured out he wasn’t as well off. That Sean isn’t above a little manipulation in order to keep that job was off-putting too.

Ms. Burke also writes historicals. I think they’d be more my cup of tea.

Darcy Burke
Darcy Burke

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