Four Nights with the Duke review

It cannot be said too often that I am a huge fan of Eloisa James. She is just so darn smart. Her latest novel Four Nights with the Duke is a delight.

As she often does, Ms. James sneaks in English literature references. See if you recognize the one on page three. This time, she also gives a sly shout out to fellow authors Julia Quinn and Lisa Kleypas. The heroine, Mia, is herself a romance novelist, and it was great fun to see the progression of her writing as her own story unfolded.

The dialogue between Mia and Vander, her duke, sparkles. Vander’s perpetually inebriated uncle and Mia’s nephew are wonderfully drawn characters. Even the duke’s horse has a “winning” personality.

Poor Mia has no idea that the figure she considers dumpy and unappealing has quite the opposite effect on men. Vander, on the other hand, is quite confident about his own charms. He foresees no problem in insisting Mia will have to beg him for those precious four nights of the title, but what she wants is a marriage of convenience only.  At least with him. She needs his name, but she hasn’t forgiven him for making fun of her and her literary pretensions years before.

Mia is the eighth of James’ desperate duchesses. I can’t wait for the ninth.


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