Wild With You review

Wild With You is the fourth of Sara Jane Stone’s Independence Falls novels. It will be released on April 14, but I was able to read an advanced review copy.

Dr. Katherine Arnold is a noted physician who returns to her hometown to help a young man regain his memory. When she was in high school, she had a crush on Brody, her patient’s older brother. Back then, she was Kat, a foster child being shuffled from home to home. That feeling of never belonging lingers. But the little girl nobody wanted also has a strong will and an adventurous side. That persona doesn’t hesitate to go after what she wants, be it a Harvard education or a steamy liaison with no strings attached.

Brody is a rescuer—of his younger siblings, of hikers lost in the mountains. To the outside world, he’s a serious, hard-working guy. Behind the bedroom door, however, he’s got a second persona too. Let me say this book is most definitely not PG rated.

These two complement each other in the best of ways. He fills the void of the family she never had, and she frees him to think about his own needs for a change.

Personally, I’m way too uptight to live in Independence Falls, but it’s just right for a visit.


Sara Jane Stone
Sara Jane Stone

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