Trust No One review

trust no one

Jayne Ann Krentz has a winning formula for her novels. Plucky but emotionally damaged woman meets uber successful but also emotionally damaged man. Her latest book Trust No One eliminates the paranormal aspect that she often employs but is otherwise pretty much business as usual.

That is not to say that it isn’t a well-written book with a plot that keeps you reading. Since the story revolved around a big time motivational speaker, it particularly grabbed my interest. I confess  I am a how-to-succeed podcast junkie.

The heroine Grace is the brains behind the guru. It is she who has written all of the positive affirmations that keep the dough rolling in.  Their use here as the mystery unfolds is ironic and quite funny.

The hero Julius is a billionaire ex-Marine who has grown bored with all that money, poor fella. Grace with her herbal tea and glass half full personality is the tonic he needs.

Who knew a blind date could turn out so well?

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