Catch a Falling Heiress

Catch a Falling Heiress is the third in Laura Lee Guhrke’s An American Heiress in London series.

This book starts off a little slowly with a prologue re-introducing readers to the male characters from the previous two books. And those who haven’t read the second book may not fully comprehend why they are setting out to destroy a man.

It also seemed a little implausible to me that the heroine Linnet who moves in the same circles as the villain wouldn’t have known about the past scandal. She falls for his line of malarkey hook, line, and sinker.

Oh, and why name a stubborn, willful woman after a tiny bird anyway? But I digress.

Jack Featherstone, at least, is a hero worthy of that title. He saves her from her own bad judgment by offering himself up as a matrimonial sacrifice.  She continues her run of bad judgment by refusing him.

Jack is not to be deterred; however, and manages to win her over with the aid of a crying baby, a matchmaker, and a blueberry muffin.

Laura Lee Guhrke
Laura Lee Guhrke

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