The Royal Ascot Contest


While searching for something entirely different, I came across information about an annual contest geared just for Regency authors, called, fittingly enough, The Royal Ascot Contest. The contest opens Feb. 16, and entries are due by March 27, 2015. The winner will be announced at a Soiree in New York City on July 22.

The fees to enter are modest-$25 or $30-and the categories are inclusive-YA, mainstream, even paranormal. The stipulations are they must be unpublished and have at least a partial Regency setting.

According to the sponsoring site, Beau Monde, the contest has been going since 1994. Why didn’t I know this?

Last year’s winner, Cora Lee, is still revising her book, The Only Exception, according to her website. It looks like she’s won several contests, presumably with the same book, yet it hasn’t been published. What’s up with that?

When do you stop revising and let it fly? Personally, I’d be so happy just to finish any of my many WIP that I would rush to get it in print or out as an e-book. Maybe I’m just not picky enough.

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