Christmas at the Cove review

Published January 14, 2015 by francesothomas

I’m a little late reviewing a Christmas book. I have to confess I was off celebrating without my computer along. The winter season is still upon most of us, so I hope a few more snowflakes are appropriate.

Rachel Brimble’s book Christmas at the Cove is the fourth in her Templeton Cove series. The British town is a lot like the island where I live in Florida. Everybody knows everybody else’s business. That’s a good thing sometimes, but not if you have a secret you’re trying to hide.

Carrie visited a few summers ago and had a week-long fling in spite of herself with handsome lady’s man Scott. Now she’s back to let him know about the daughter that resulted. She knows she has to share that daughter but doesn’t want to share her heart.

Scott isn’t sure he’s ready to be a daddy. His own father abandoned him and his family. Is he destined to follow suit?

The twosome must overcome doubts and backtrack to develop trust in each other. Through their ups and downs, they keep the welfare of their daughter foremost.  Gotta like that in a couple.



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