The Secret Life of Lady Julia book review

Ever notice how some historical romances are more historical than others? Being set in an historical period doesn’t necessarily mean that what is happening in the outside world spills over into the plot.  It may still be just girl meets boy, complications ensue, HEA, only in period costumes and with titles.

This isn’t the case with The Secret Life of Lady Julia by Lecia Cornwall.

After a scandal that causes her family to disown her, Lady Julia ends up in Vienna during peace talks. The stakes are high and intrigue is the name of the political game. Julia is now a servant attached to the British delegation led by Viscount Castlereagh and his shrewish wife.  Because she can understand several languages, she is asked to listen and report on any conversations she may hear. Along the way, she meets and impresses French Prince deTalleyrand and soon finds herself in the middle of a plot.

Throughout, Julia can’t get Thomas, the man who caused her downfall, out of her head. He has had his own scandal, been disowned, and turned to jewel theft to support himself. Where better to find jewels to steal than in a city where all the rich and powerful of Europe are gathered? Naturally, there paths cross again.

Both Julia and Thomas, though disgraced, have the honor and character to redeem themselves, and the long-awaited HEA finally occurs.


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