Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover

I promised the folks at Avon that I would post a review today, the release date of Sarah MacLean’s fourth book in her Rule of Scoundrels series. Alas, a nasty case of bronchitis infringed on my reading time. It is perilously difficult to try to cough and read at the same time.

i have been reading Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover all day, so I wouldn’t miss my deadline. Not surprisingly, I quite enjoyed it as I had the earlier three novels.

What one might have supposed would be the hero of the book turns out to be the heroine. Or rather, two heroines. Lady Georgiana has not one, but two alter egos. One of them is the fourth owner of the gaming hell, the Fallen Angel.

Newspaperman Duncan West is observant enough to put two and two together and quickly realizes the lady and the madam are one and the same. It is that third identity that eludes him and causes him to be jealous of a man who doesn’t exist.

The protagonists need the wisdom of a precocious nine-year old to help them sort out what they really need in life from what they only think they need.