Three Weeks with Lady X

If you are annoyed by superlatives, best stop reading now.

If I could wave a magic wand over my own head and become someone else for a day or two, that person would surely be Eloisa James. I just finished Three Weeks with Lady X and enjoyed it so much I wish it had been twice as long. And I wish I had written it.

As an English major, I am tickled when Eloisa (forgive me for the informality) betrays her other life as a college English professor ever so subtly here and there. She leads off with a Jane Austen reference and slips in a phrase from Prufrock later on. But non-English majors needn’t fret. You will “get” the story even if you miss the allusions.

Eloisa must have taken a few psych classes in her academic career too, for she reveals skillfully how even the most blessed in looks or position can feel unworthy of being loved.

The correspondence between the interior dcorating heroine and the factory owner hero is delightful. The wise beyond her years child who becomes the hero’s ward is an absolute charmer. Let’s hope we pick up her story in a subsequent book.

three weeks

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