15 minutes of fame is more than enough

I absolutely loved Kate Langdon’s novel Famous. Samantha, the heroine, reminded me of a more sophisticated Bridget Jones. She and her two BFFs spend a lot of time swilling champagne and spouting British slang.

Sam’s one night stand with the wrong man causes a flock of paparazzi to make her life miserable until she escapes to the country in a plan so elaborate it puts D-Day to shame.  Each character she encounters along the way is funnier than the last. But there is something very genuine about them too.

This is chick lit at its best.


Editor for sale

If you have a love-hate relationship with the comma, don’t really understand parallel construction, or occasionally trip over tenses, have I got a deal for you. Me!

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When is a player not a player?

As a lifelong Steelers fan, I was excited to read Rushing Amy by Julie Brannagh. It didn’t disappoint. Both Amy and  ex-NFL  player Matt are enormously appealing: good-hearted, funny, folks you’ d want to be friends with.

Neither of them is perfect, however, and that makes their story believable.

Along the way are some nicely written scenes that made me smile. The cast of characters that surround the twosome are colorful and charming. This book is a winner.

rushing amy

Lorraine Heath gives us a smart, sassy heroine with a secret in her upcoming novel When the Duke Was Wicked.That the secret is given plenty of foreshadowing makes it no less interesting and unusual as a plot device.

Lady Grace  never really got over her childhood crush on the Duke of Lovingdon. But he has changed drastically. Because of the tragedy that has befallen him, he can’t risk his heart. She can’t go into a marriage unless her heart and her trust are fully engaged.

A final complication serves to bring them together and cements their bond to go forward together come what may.

Nicely done.


Hindsight is 20/20

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of Jennifer McQuiston’s novel Moonlight on My Mind as an Avon Addict alumna. While the book is well-written, some of the plot points stretch one’s suspension of disbelief a bit much. For example, nobody who knows me and my  poor vision would ever believe I could identify someone at a distance.

That being said, the character development of the non-20/20 heroine, Julianne, is nicely done. She grows up before our eyes yet still retains her drama queen edge.  Having a veterinarian as a hero is an unusual touch, and Patrick’s persona is a nice contrast with Julianne and the rest of his family and friends.