Box-jumping is not for sissies

If you aren’t much of a housekeeper, like me, you will want to read Jayne Castle’s Deception Cove for the dust bunnies alone. No, not the kind that are under your furniture. The dust bunnies in this futuristic world are sort of a cross between a pet and a guard.

Jayne Ann Krentz, in this one of her three personas, adds a heroine who remains calm even under attack by mutant insects and a hero who has a reason for wearing mirrored sunglasses besides looking cool. The threesome, Alice, Drake, and Houdini (the dust bunny) make an effective team. Paranormal and common sense save the day.

Deception Cove

Getting around writer’s block

If you are a writer or a writer wannabe, I recommend a wonderful resource: Write for Your Life by novelist Lawrence Block.  I think it is out of pront, but I got it as a downloadable ebook from my local public library. I finished a quick read-through yesterday, and while it is still “live’ on my Kindle, I intend to go back and try some of the many inspired and inspiring exercises Block relates from writing seminars he and his wife once gave around the country.

It’s past time I completed a novel.