Investigative journalism pays

I am still shuddering at the adventures the heroine of Gwen Jones’s Wanted: Wife has in the New Jersey woods. I marveled at the resilience of city dwelling television reporter, Julie, who has to deal with a ramshackle cabin, a rabid raccoon, chickens, heavy duty farm labor,and cows giving birth, not to mention a dud of an ex.
Why does she stay? Jones has created such a stunningly attractive hero in Andy Devine (aptly named) who could make even the most urban among us resist the urge to flee back to Philadelphia. The premise is a tad implausible, but who cares? I, for one, plan to start checking random notices on utility poles just in case.
I got an Advance Reader’s copy of this rollicking  book as a Avon Addict alumna, and am I glad.