Hunka, hunka-you know the rest

As an Avon addict, I received an advance copy of Cheryl Harper’s Stuck on You. I have never been much of an Elvis fan; the Beatles were more my thing. That said, the Rock’n’Rolla Hotel is a place I would be delighted to visit. It is situated in the shadow of Graceland, presided over by Miss Willodean, a more-is-more owner; and  populated by a mob of celebrity impersonators. The hero KT starts out less than lovable, but his better self soon emerges. The heroine Laura dreams of spreadsheets while waitressing in a showgirl costume. Fortunately, Laura’s teenage daughter is easily won over, and she, KT’s grandma, and Miss Willodean give true love a nudge.  Cheryl Harper has written a winner.