Sweet Surrender

Gayle Callen is a new author for me, so I was happy to receive an advance copy of her book to review. I don’t know how I missed her before this. Surrender to the Earl does not disappoint. The book will be released on May 28, 2013 

Callen does a good job of describing the challenges her blind heroine Audrey must master, from avoiding furniture that has been moved without her knowledge to pouring tea to dining without being able to see the plate. One can’t help but admire her determination.

The Earl has a strong sense of honor worthy of any romance hero but not enough to fight off his growing attraction. And Audrey’s lack of sight adds an unexpected sensuality as the two fall in love.

The reconciliation between Audrey and her sister is a nice touch too. I wonder if Blythe will warrant her own book.


This review is being presented today as a part of the Avon Addicts event The Avon Affair. The Avon Affair is running from March 17th to 30th and will include reviews on the following blogs:

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