In the name of science

As someone whose eyesight leaves a lot to be desired, I always enjoy a heroine who wears glasses. The very scientific and bespectacled Lady Phillippa in Sarah MacLean’s One Good Earl Deserves a Lover embarks on a quest for knowledge a fortnight before her wedding. Instead of one of her four sisters, she seeks out a notorious rake in an equally notorious gaming hell. And instead of said rake rescuing her, she channels George Clooney to rescue him. Oh, yes, she learns a lot about anatomy along the way too.

The rocky road to romance

Regency romance heroes are supposed to be charmers. That is the essential nature of the beast. The hero of Tessa Dare’s A Week to Be Wicked, however, is an exceptional specimen of that ilk. Lord Payne is a master at creating outlandish back stories for his soon-to-be lady as they travel north to Scotland carrying a fossil footprint, of all things. I laughed out loud several times at their antics and banter. Heroine and paleontologist Minerva is  as capable at seeing behind Payne’s facade as she is at seeing the beauty in rocks. A thoroughly enjoyable adventure.